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For Presenters



Oral presenters will pick up their materials (name badge, program and abstract supplement) onsite at the registration table located in the hallway adjacent to the Amphitheatre I (3rd floor of the Main Building / Dr. Guillermo Arbona Building) on the morning of _______. Later, they can pick-up materials directly from the tables that will be adjacent to the rooms or auditoriums where oral sessions will take place (See the program).

Oral Presentation Instructions


Poster presenters will receive their materials (name badge and program) at the registration table located at entrance of Conrado F. Asenjo Library. Posters must be placed on the designated site at the date and time previously informed. Presenters will leave area once placed their posters, and return to their presentation as scheduled. Poster presenters are requested to stand next to their poster for the entire duration of their scheduled presentation time, to discuss their work and to answer questions. To be eligible for the prize, fellows, residents and students must be present at their posters during their poster session.

Poster Preparation Instructions


Participant certificates will be sent by email after the Forum. Presenters should make sure to sign the attendance sheet.

IMPORTANT: If for any major reason you can't attend your session, ask a co-author to present for you instead. Presenters who do not show nor send a substitute will not be allowed to present in future editions of the Forum.


  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to wear appropriate business or business casual attire.

  • All presenters should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their presentation session and should remain for the entire session.

  • Be courteous when entering and leaving the presentation rooms since noise and movement can be distracting.

  • All attendees should either silence or shut off their cell phones during the event.